Rollover sensor.

For all Bullet EFI models (E5/C5/G5)

Eric’s brand new Bullet played him some tricks. It reached just 10 km on the counter when the engine stalled. That was about it: end of the first ride. Repatriation to the workshop en two days later the problem is solved. Since, Eric’s bike rocks and rolls as the best.

What happened?

Well, our Bullet EFI possesses a Rollover sensor. When the angle between the ground and your bike goes under the 60°, the fuel and injection switches off. A helpful safety device in case of a mishap. It prevents a lot of extra damage to the engine.


As with all technical equipment, something might go wrong. The rollover switch is improper installed.  Or it just stops functioning shortly after the production controls. If so, you face a problem like Eric.

The MIL blink leads you to the defect. Make sure the rollover sensor is proper positioned (“TOP” sign is on it). Check the electrical connections. When needed, exchange the rollover sensor. You find the rollover sensor under the seat.


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