Sensor malfunctions on Bullet EFI

For all Bullet EFI models (E5/C5/G5)

EFI Bullets, have a sophisticated ECU (Electronic Control unit). Big brands like to call this ECU the “on-board computer”. Well, there is an ECU on our Bullet, so our bullet is a …

Luckily, the ECU on the Bullet is simple and functional. You noticed already that a red indicator lamp glows when you put on the ignition switch. This is the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Led).  It looks like a simple red light, but there is a sophisticated diagnose system behind.


Open the LH (Left Hand) triangle box behind the engine. In there you find the ECU (a black box with a lot of wires on). One of the wires is just a short end and seems to go nowhere. It is the open, single pole connector. Connect this open pole end with the mass (the chassis). The MIL offers you a blinking code which allows you to detect any defect sensor.

MIL blink code malfunction
MIL glows continuous. Engine starts but does not perform well.
Long 0 Short 6 Throttle position sensor
Long 0 Short 9 Manifold absolute pressure
Long 1 Short 1 Engine oil temperature
Long 1 Short 7 Lambda sensor
Long 4 Short 5 Lambda sensor heating
MIL glows continuous. Engine does not start.
Long 1 Short 5 Rollover sensor
Long 3 Short 3 Injector
Long 3 Short 7 Ignition coil
Long 4 Short 1 Fuel pump
Long 6 Short 6 Crankshaft position


Advice:  Make a small piece of electrical wire. Equip it with a connection to the open pole connector and a clamp to connect to a piece of the chassis nearby. Keep this piece of wire always with you.


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