Stay away from dangerous solvents.

As we are not all chemists. There is definitely a problem in distinguishing dangerous from non-dangerous goods.

But, there is a solution. Some high educated people make laws, rules, specifications and standards. Like in the European Community, where several commissions take care of the legislation.

Here are some tips to take advantage of their wisdom:

  • Buy products produced in EU. If chemicals are dangerous, EU producing companies will not use them. Even suspicious chemicals seldom come in their companies.  So do not buy your aerosols from an internet site. You don’t know the origin of these products.
  • Have a look on the label. There are warning signs printed on it. If possible, try to avoid:
    calavera silhoueteexclam
  • If there are warning signs on the label, take theme serious.
    • Always use the aerosol in a well-ventilated room. I even prefer outdoors.
    • Never smoke when using an aerosol. Wear rubber (plastic) gloves and goggles as personal protection.

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