The rim of Belgium.

Intro (17 March 2016)

What was Belgium before Belgium was Belgium? A little bit of everything for more or less longer periods, one could say.

A couple of months ago, me and my beloved wife Nikol, we made a plan. We ride around Belgium, and follow the borders as close as possible. On our Royal Enfield of course.

A colleague gave the idea. He got it from his mother who once made this trip. Interesting enough we thought. A lot of history happened around the borders. If there is a place where cultures interfere, it definitely is the border. We expect it also to be calm. Who the hell is going to the border of a country?

GrenspaalThe expectations? Peace, interesting landscapes, small historical facts, fascinating places and unspoiled people with a story.

We plan a week, starting on 4 April 2016. If a week is not enough, we will finish the tour on the following long weekend.



Nikol has set out almost the complete route in detail. Only one day along the province of Namur is missing. We still wait to have the detailed map delivered.

Of course it is the target to report the facts and figures of the trip here.


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