Royal Enfield Gear shop – Paris

It seems like my hotel is situated right behind the corner of the new Royal Enfield Gear shop in Paris. It is clear, a visit is a must.

30 March 2016

There is the motor shop with an amazing amount of motorcycles Royal Enfield, Mash and Tendance Roadster. And there is next door the Royal Enfield Gear shop. Royal Enfield Gear shop in Paris


Although the presented gear is limited, the ambiance is simply “good”. If you are in the neighborhood, you definitely have to pay them a visit.

It also seems a place to meet. I ran into two young men, from the Vintage Ride organisation. they organize motor trips in India, Nepal, Mongolia, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Enthusiastic people and if you plan a ride over there…it is worth to ask them some advice. A true Motorcycle Experience

I was even offered an aperitif on their information meeting this evening with participants for a Mongolian ride .



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