Cleaning old petrol tanks

  • Strip and empty the tank.
  • Remove-Rust-From-A-Fuel-Tank-2Fill the tank with water till the rim . This is to avoid that there are still flammable vapours in the tank, as the next treatment might provoke exothermic reactions.
  • Fill some CRC Ferrokleen Pro product into the tank and flush it well around during at least 15 minutes. It might be that you remark some warming up, as this product might give an exothermic reaction with the rust. Also some foaming might be noticed but this is normal as the product contains surfactants to bring dirt particles in suspension and evacuate them.

Be careful: CRC Ferrokleen Pro is a mixture of acids and is aggressive to your skin and eyes. Take care for the needed protection.

  • Flush the tank well with clear tap water. Do not be afraid to provoke corrosion. The bare metal in the tank will be passivated by the acids of the Ferrokleen Pro (notice the dark to blak colour) and is now protected.
  • Fill a couple of liters Diesel fuel in the tank and add the additive CRC Diesel Dryer. Flush it well around in the tank. This will take up all the water remnants in the tank into the diesel fuel.
  • Drain the diesel fuel and allow some time to evaporate.

Note: if some drops of the diesel stay in the tank, don’t car, this will not disturb the function afterwards.



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