From Scourmont to Florenville/Lacuisine

Day 4 – 7 April 2016 – From Scourmont to Florenville/Lacuisine
By: Nikol Salen (English arrangement: Dirk Devreese)

Leaving Scourmont we follow the border for a while, before crossing and going into France. First stop is Rocroi.
This village was before a real fortified town and this history still shows.




A walk on the ramparts calls for some attention. But our motorcycle-clothing is not the best outfit for a walk. A look on the top of the ramparts is just what we achieve.
Special is also the view from the city square.



Out of the center point, 8 roads spread out. At the end of the street, there is the wall, the rampart…whatever direction you look.

DSC00454       DSC00455

After Rocroi, we follow the river Maas at the French side, passing Fumay and Givet.
We enjoy a delicious asparagus-soup in Givet and leave, back to Belgium, at the other side of the Maas.


And again, the route is adorable, through the woods of the province Namur.

Nature is splendid here. The world, seen from its best side.

Dreaming away, on the pillion, it sets my mind on

Hiking, getting lost

Lay down in the early spring-sun

Along the shore of a small mountain river…

We get lost in the woods. We are the only ones to blame.
No road signs anymore and a look on the map makes us even more confused.
We can only follow our intuition.
Always good. We should have more faith in instincts.
When we come out of the Namur jungle, we are exactly on the intended spot. To our own surprise.

This feat asks for a reward. We buy ourselves a pancake in Bohan.
Driving in a heart-warming sun, we can see clouds grouping together above the mountain.
We are the lucky ones!

The pancake is carefully tasted while it rains cats and dogs. And I think also some cows and dinosaurs.
Just as yesterday in Scourmont, but now we still have to ride.
Problem? Where is the problem?
After finishing the pancake, the downpour stops and the sun shines again.
We are the lucky ones…again.

Today’s destination is Florenville.
We do not risk a stop at Bouillon as the black clouds still watch us.
Florenville doesn’t give us the kick we expected after this wonderful day.
We follow the advice of the local tourist office and head for the next village: Lacuisine.

The hotel-restaurant Au Coeur de Lacuisine is most charming.
A shower and a small walk along the river Semois do finish the day in splendour.

DSC00459    DSC00460

We start our romantic evening by enjoying an aperitif beside the wood fire,
Our host seems to be an excellent cook.
We enjoy his surprising and careful prepared dishes of fresh season food.
All assembled for an honest price.

It has been a beautiful day, hasn’t it? With thanks to the weather-gods, who were well inclined to us today.


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