From Lacuisine to Esch-sur-Süre

Day 4 – 7 April 2016 – From Lacuisine to Esch-sur-Süre
By: Nikol Salen (English arrangement: Dirk Devreese)

After a delicious breakfast, served with a smile.
We start for a very nice route.
We arrive at the most southern part of Belgium.
When we pass the abbey of Orval we have a sneak view …inside.

DSC00468 DSC00474

The beautiful village of Torgny is just an exquisite place for a coffee.
It seems they are not used to early birds here.
We find everything closed.

Waiting for a café to open, is not in our dictionary.
So, on the road again, cross the border, into France,
searching for the three-countries-point: Belgium-France-Luxembourg.
Three-countries-point?? This even doesn’t come to peoples mind here.
Even on the map one has to search careful for it.
It is located in the middle of an industrial estate.
No indication or sign that three countries joining here.
But we are prepared and have a detailed print.
Finally, when we found the road to the land-crossing, crush barriers prevent passage.
Someone simply broke up the road it looks.


Well, …, after all,…, it smells here, it looks ugly. We make a fast move to Luxembourg.



We ride along the border to enter Luxembourg.
It has passed noontime and we are hungry.
But, what the duck! Luxembourg seems not to have a café, pub or restaurant.
The only place we can find is an Italian and a Chinese restaurant.
We definite go fort eh Chinese. It cannot be more “Luxembourg” can it?





“Bulpp…good lice Sil.”
We chuff along Luxembourg roads.
Not a big deal.
It is boring and looks clean. Very clean.
Maybe that’s way the houses are painted in the funniest colours.
(Tip for a paint factory: if you can’t get rid of a colour…sell it in Luxembourg)

Riding ashore the Süre, we get the feeling again.
This is a nice piece of Luxembourg.
The river meanders and leads us to the well-known town Esch-sur Süre.
It is obvious. This is the bright spot of Luxembourg.


As the tourist season has not started yet, we can enjoy this adorable town.

We decide to stay overnight here.

Probably out of fear for unpleasant rooms and unfriendly people to meet further on.




And there is another reason to stay: There is a bikers-hotel here.
Our royal Enfield can sleep in a heated garage and we get a luxury room with Turkish bath and Jacuzzi…all for the price of a standard room.

With a skin feeling like a peach and eucalyptus flavor around us, we have a nice dinner in a medieval frame.
Simply bikers-luck!



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