From Esh-sur-Süre (Lux) to Holset (Nl)

Day 6 – 9 April 2016 – From Esh-sur-Süre (L) to Holset (Nl).
by: Nikol Salen (English arrangement: Dirk Devreese)

We start our last day along the border.
For this time, as tomorrow we have to be back in Gent
Esh-sur-Süre is awaking in a dense fog. Good or bad sign?
After our breakfast we get our metal horse out of her stable. The sun shines!
So, good sign.


We leave Luxembourg and ride fort eh three-countries-point (again) between Lux-B-D.
This time it is easy.

It is indicated.
It’s clear, they are proud on their country crossing.




It looks like there has been a real reunion here with important politicians from each country.
We also had this kind of encounter (of the third kind).



A short walk brings us to the exact point where the three countries meet:

in the middle of a confluence of two rivers!

We are back in Belgium: Ouren.
Easy to notice: bars and restaurants all over the place.
No shortage on food and beverage. Long live Belgium!



Over the border now, into Germany.
Nice roads, but not that fancy as in France.
We enjoy a coffee in the canteen of a wildlife park.
A show with birds of prey is announced. If we are quick we can joint them. Probably we will be the only spectators as it is not crowdie here.  Not at all.
Son we thank for the honour and continue our ride.
We pass Monchau, the last German town on the trip. Shall we stop? No, too touristic.
We go to Kelmis and after that Vaals.
Hard to believe, but again a junction of three counties: Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands.
We will look here for a place to stay overnight.
To our surprise, this three-countries-point is a genuine touristic attraction. Busses, hubble-trains, hamburgers, ice cream,…

DSC00524          DSC00525
Can it be that a Dutchman is managing this place?
Probably there is, as this point is the highest mountain in the Netherlands: 322,7 meter above sea level.
Imagine! People travel long distances to see and experience this.
In our quest for a place to sleep, we find an inn: in the middle of the village Holset.
The innkeeper busy hosting his guests: aperitif, relax on the terrace, room, food, a beer… Everybody is welcome.

When, in the morning, we are a bit early at the breakfast, the innkeeper puts us on a small walk around the village. It definitely helps our appetite.

A marvelous breakfast and a surprising decent bill bring us in a good mood.
Even now we have to go back home.
Thanks innkeeper!
Info: Herberg oud holset

So, next time we start at Holset and take the Belgium-Dutch border together with the Belgian coast.


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