Rassemblement à Arcenant

The royal Association in France organised their 10th meeting. This year it was in Arcenant,  Bourgogne.


5 May 2016 and I am on the road for a two days ride to Arcenant (F), which is about 600 km from Gent (B). It is rather exiting, as this is the first time I will travel mostly alone on my Royal Enfield.



The excitement soon makes place for admiration.

Although I often drove through this landscape, I am flabbergasted. It is so beautiful. I have a good time. This must be due to the reduced speed and the easy going along the small(est) roads. “Steady rock’n, Easy roll’n” through the Gaume (B), the Argonne (F), into Champagne (F) and reaching Bourgogne.

DSC_0006   DSC_0057

The second day starts in a minor key. Paul, one of the mates with whom I would drive together the second day, couldn’t stick to our appointment. the engine of his Good old royal Enfield broke down, shortly after Reims. He had to go back home. We missed you Paul.

DSC_0028   DSC_0026

At the meeting itself, all participants looked like if they walked on clouds. This is heaven. A nice weather, a lot of bikes and a bunch of bikers to talk with…about bikes.

DSC_0042   DSC_0022

On Saturday, we had still a good ride in the neighborhood of Arcenant and a good dinner in the evening.

DSC_0010Unfortunately, most of us had to return on Sunday to join their families and be ready for the job again.

I reached Gent by Monday in the early afternoon. The counter shows 1401 km extra.

Royal Association France


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