Tripel-M (28-29 May 2016) (En)

A bikers meeting like it has to be:

Motos – Menschen – Muziek
(= Bikes – People -Music)



Nice bikes of all classes and from all times.  “Classics” we like to call them. But also the customized ones could be seen in Klerken, a small village in West-Vlaanderen (Belgium).


DSC_0015Some contradictions though: people united by music and motorbikes, sharing a good time with each other….in the region where during the big war 1914-1918 the numbers of soldiers died runs into seven figures.

But, this weekend it was all bikes and Rock’n Roll. Organized by Pieter Clarysse (local Royal Enfield dealer) and his mates. They did bring an old stable, used by “Marcel” to maintain Indian and Royal Enfield bikes,  back to life.


Good drinks, with even an own brewed beer “Tripel-M, Limited Edition” on the Saturday evening (congratulations for the master-brewer). Cover bands playing good old Rock’n Roll music and people having a good time dancing and talking. In between we could enjoy the “bikes-and-other-stuff” collection inherited from Marcel.



On Sunday , there was a nicely prepared ride of about 120 km through the adorable landscapes of West-Vlaanderen.


We just hope, Pieter and his henchmen  are willing to organize it again next year. For those who are interested, keep an eye on their website:  and e-mail them a motivating word.



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