2 Royal Enfields spotted in the Morvan (F)

Our story starts in the Bourgogne, a historical province and cultural region in the centre-east of France. As from the 1 January 2016, the province is fused with the region of Franche-Comté and is still waiting for an official name.  Over the centuries, the Dukes of Bourgogne formed different cities hosting a rich cultural heritage: Dijon, Mâcon, Nevers, Auxerre,…, Baune.




And yes, on the 1 July 2016 two Royal Enfields have been spotted there. It seems they started a tour: UNLIMITED-2016.



No vineyards in the Morvan. Would be strange in the middle of a natural reserve wouldn’t it? Beside the lack of wine, there seems to be a lack of everything in the Morvan. It is very hard to find a bar, a restaurant, a bakery, a butcher, …, tourists.

MORV_0003But there is plenty of silence, natural beauty, nice maintained roads (well, some are at least), excellent food and wine (consider some time to find it).



Unlimited-2016 went from north to west, from east to south and all in between. With a 160 km per day, we cruised at an average speed of 35 km/h through an astonishing landscape. And of course, as good Belgians in Bourgogne, we had to enjoy some nice pick-nick in a breath-taking landscape.

The bikes behaved as expected and were a joy to ride on. The rhythm allowed us to watch the birds of prey, inhale the scent of the lime tree, enjoy the behaviour of the cattle in the pastures and butterflies playing before the bikes.

By the way, we noticed that the cows did have a chat about us when we passed:
MORV_0005“n-eeuh-ice b-weeuh-ikes”.

They were right and the only technical problem on the trip was a flat back tyre. We could fix it and got back on the road within one hour. Not so bad for a first time. Just to be sure, the inner tube has been exchanged for a new one the next day, by Roca-motor in Nevers, a very friendly Royal Enfield dealer.

For those among you who might have the noble plan to go to the Morvan for a ride: respect this beautiful region and enjoy it.



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