How to get this beauty in Belgium?



A 1986 “Warboy” beauty (picture: Camillo Barrero)

Importing a bike from India:

When the bike is from before 2005, it does not have to comply with the European emission norms ( E4,E5,…) So that is the good news.

To bring it on the road in Belgium, you need to have a certificate of conformity (European one). Bikes from outside the EU don’t have this. So you have to obtain one following one of the following procedures (info: SBAT-Stekene):

  1. Go to the official importer of Royal Enfield in Belgium (Verhaeghe Motors- Arendonk 014/67 90 57). Ask him if he is capable of getting this certificate for you. Also ask him what it will cost !
    With this paper, your insurance company gets the bike on the road.
  2. Bring your bike (on a trailer) to  SABT in Stekene (Industriezone Kleine Akker – Zavelstraat 251 tel: 03 789 04 76) and have it inspected. The cost for this is 317,-€
    Once you have the inspection papers, you start a procedure at the ministry of transport. You pay 476,-€ and then yo have to be very,very pationt. It might take a while before they start taking action. There is no guarantee you will get the papers, but in most cases you’ll do.
    So, total cost for this route= 793€. Rather expensive!

2 thoughts on “How to get this beauty in Belgium?

  1. Also keep in mind that buying an old motorcycle from India has its own risks as to the origin and quality of its various parts.
    The motorcycles there are daily commuters, and are kept on the road by continuous maintenance which might entail questionable replacement parts and/or repair methods. And the older the original motorcycle, the higher the chance of this having occurred.

    And on top of the cost of the paperwork you also have the transport cost, which will likely match or even succeed the paperwork cost.


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