Lubricating the old Bullet 350

  1. Engine: 2,25 Lt SAE 20W50
  2. Primary drive/clutch : 0,4 Lt SAE 20W40 (use a motorbike oil suitable for “wet” clutch!)
  3. gear box:  SAE 20W50. Open the overflow plug on the back side of the gearbox and the filler plug on the topside Fill through the fill plug in the topside of the gearbox until the oil flows out of the overflow opening on the backside.
  4. Neutral finder : Grease NLGI class “00” (a jelly kind of grease to be fed into the grease nipple on the top of the gearbox (orange arrow)
Overflow plug
Filler plug and grease nipple


Buy lubricants from a known manufacturer. If you make a regular lubricant change, a standard mineral oil suits well. If you dare to go overtime with the oil exchange, use a synthetic oil.


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