A bike and a mate is all you need.




And yes, it is automn.
And yes, it is cold.
And yes, we had a ride !



Up to Chimay, the honorable site of Trappist monks, where we found a shelter for the night at “Le potaupré“.


Riding along the small roads, through the “Vlaamse Ardennen” makes you forget all worries.  Reaching the woods of Sourmont  on the “Plateau d’Haineau” makes you take a deep breath. We only had little rain, more or less a miracle this time of the year. A nice trip, at a relaxing average speed of 40 km/h, which allowes one to enjoy the landscapes.

dsc_0312The second day is much more chilly (1°C at 09:30 am). We drive into the valleys of Maas and Semois and reach Bouillon in the afternoon.  We round the day with 211 km on the counter and some Chimay Bleu (delicious Trappist beer).

It seems to become a basic habit of my GPS. On the way back home he refuses to show the right direction. Or is it the amount of beers on the evening before which plays me tricks?



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