Smuid 2017

20170304_125507No, Smuid is not a bad word. It is just the name of a small village nearby Rochefort – Belgium. As a motor-trip can go anywhere,, it can also have Smuid as a destination. This is how Smuid became my first trip of 2017.

It all started well, with a good breakfast at home and a cloudy but dry sly. Saturday morning, 11°C, I can not complain at this time of the year. The trip is just fantastic. At an easy average of 40 km/h along Belgium’s smallest roads. 236 km and I arrived, dry and well at Smuid.

The village seems to be not much more then a big chapel and an Hostellerie. I checked in at the Hostellerie, just as it starts to rain.



The late afternoon is spend in “Le salon”, near the open fire. Oh yes , I am getting older and it takes a bit more time to warm up my under-cooled body after 6 hours on the bike. It is good, valuable relaxing time.

After a long warm shower (I really am a spoiled man, am I not?) the hosts served me dinner. Absolutely delicious, but not recommended for vegetarians.

20170304_201024 20170304_203524

Sunday morning starts with a dry but grey sky. It cooled down this night, only 5°C left. So, extra warm clothes and …hit the road, because I know the predictions for the weather the coming hours!


I could keep it dry for about 100 km. The next 130 km I wondered if I drove the bike or if I was scuba diving. But I enjoyed my first 2017 ride.

The counter is at 9.244 km and running.



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