We need it clean

And it has to twinkle and glitter.

Did you had a close look at your Royal Enfield already? It is full of bits and pieces made out of different materials.

Cleaning is a nice amusement and you get the opportunity for a close look how stuff works. Take advantage of this moment to give your bike a big hug.

The bathtub:

  • A good splash of all-purpose cleaner in a bucket of water.
  • Wet the bike completely with clear water.
  • Wash the bike, preferably using a natural sponge or microfiber cloth.
  • Use a brush fort eh hard to reach area (cooling fins).
  • Flush abundantly with clear water.
  • Use a shammy for drying.

And then there is still the question left: “when can I use my fancy high pressure cleaner?”

Answer: “Never;” At least as less as possible. Us this high tech machine only to blow off some blobs of mud from the underside of the engine and the inside of the mudguard.

What is there to find on your Royal Enfield?

  • Laquered steel: coloured, shiny and even showing some patina.
  • Phosphate steel: black, dull (bolts)
  • Anodized steel: yellow with some rainbow effect (wheel shafts)
  • Chromate steel: sparkling metal shine (exhaust)
  • Stainless steel: deep grey shine (some spokes)
  • Galvanized steel: grey with often white stains (bolts)
  • Anodized aluminium: yellowish grey, dull
  • Aluminium: dull grey (carter)
  • Polished aluminium: mirror metal shine (cover of the push rods)
  • Plastic: black, dull to shiny (controls at the handles)
  • Chromed plastic: sparkling metal shine (cover at the electric starter engine)
  • Translucent plastic: colourful to transparent
  • Rubber: dull black (footrests)

We mostly tend to treat all these materials in the same way. Hoping our bike likes it.

Just imagine brushing your teeth with shampoo. Will you become happy?

Click on the above links for more details.


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