Installing a front tool roll.

Our bullets are reliable, that’s through. Still, it is always better to have some tools with you…just in case. Your friend on his German bike might need it 🙂 once in a while.

Where to store the tools? Well, there is that good old “tool roll”. Yes, the one attached to the fork legs with some funny straps.

European Bullets have an extra front plate hiding the electric wiring under the headlight. When you attach the tool roll, it will be straight on the polished covers of the fork legs. Consider the weight of the tools you  want to take with you and you know this roll will soon slip down to the mud guard.


I made a couple of hooks, to support the tool roll (the tool-roll-bra?). They are simple to make from a 10 mm steel strip. On the top, I welded an extra piece of the strip to enlarge the surface an give place to the 8 mm hole for the bold to pass.  The original bolts have a length of 75 mm. Buy a couple M8x80 bolts ( 8.8 quality). That way you do not have to compromise on the fixing of the indicator arms on the backside of the fork.

Make sure you assemble the roll high enough to allow the fork its full stroke movement.

tool roll