Rollover sensor.

For all Bullet EFI models (E5/C5/G5)

Eric’s brand new Bullet played him some tricks. It reached just 10 km on the counter when the engine stalled. That was about it: end of the first ride. Repatriation to the workshop en two days later the problem is solved. Since, Eric’s bike rocks and rolls as the best.

What happened?

Well, our Bullet EFI possesses a Rollover sensor. When the angle between the ground and your bike goes under the 60°, the fuel and injection switches off. A helpful safety device in case of a mishap. It prevents a lot of extra damage to the engine.


As with all technical equipment, something might go wrong. The rollover switch is improper installed.  Or it just stops functioning shortly after the production controls. If so, you face a problem like Eric.

The MIL blink leads you to the defect. Make sure the rollover sensor is proper positioned (“TOP” sign is on it). Check the electrical connections. When needed, exchange the rollover sensor. You find the rollover sensor under the seat.


Sensor malfunctions on Bullet EFI

For all Bullet EFI models (E5/C5/G5)

EFI Bullets, have a sophisticated ECU (Electronic Control unit). Big brands like to call this ECU the “on-board computer”. Well, there is an ECU on our Bullet, so our bullet is a …

Luckily, the ECU on the Bullet is simple and functional. You noticed already that a red indicator lamp glows when you put on the ignition switch. This is the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Led).  It looks like a simple red light, but there is a sophisticated diagnose system behind.


Open the LH (Left Hand) triangle box behind the engine. In there you find the ECU (a black box with a lot of wires on). One of the wires is just a short end and seems to go nowhere. It is the open, single pole connector. Connect this open pole end with the mass (the chassis). The MIL offers you a blinking code which allows you to detect any defect sensor.

MIL blink code malfunction
MIL glows continuous. Engine starts but does not perform well.
Long 0 Short 6 Throttle position sensor
Long 0 Short 9 Manifold absolute pressure
Long 1 Short 1 Engine oil temperature
Long 1 Short 7 Lambda sensor
Long 4 Short 5 Lambda sensor heating
MIL glows continuous. Engine does not start.
Long 1 Short 5 Rollover sensor
Long 3 Short 3 Injector
Long 3 Short 7 Ignition coil
Long 4 Short 1 Fuel pump
Long 6 Short 6 Crankshaft position


Advice:  Make a small piece of electrical wire. Equip it with a connection to the open pole connector and a clamp to connect to a piece of the chassis nearby. Keep this piece of wire always with you.